About Hammy Jardine

This website is a chance to share memories of the Lanarkshire Steelworks and my relatives.

I can be contacted on

lanarkshiresteel [at] gmail.com


15 Responses to About Hammy Jardine

  1. danny archibald says:


  2. danny archibald says:

    Hi Hammy here is my e-mail address


  3. Ewan Ramage says:

    Amazing to see a photo of my dad here! I’ve sent an email to you.

    Ewan Ramage

  4. Jim lafferty says:

    Started in the Shire when I was sixteen. It was a hustling ,bustling non stop place. Great mates plenty characters. Can’t believe the apathy of ex workersj

  5. denis mcguire says:

    some great photos on here
    my dad was Denis McGuire

  6. Jim Lafferty says:

    Worked in the Shire from 1962 till just before it closed. Brilliant place can’t believe how few people visit this site. Jim(Jet) Lafferty. Where is everybody?

    • Jimmags Panton says:

      Just noticed this forum and remember the shire just like yesterday.I just managed to serve my apprenticeship when the plant closed in late november 1979.great bunch of guys in boilermaker dept.

  7. allanmorley says:

    my late dad eric morley worked as a dresser in the banks from 1963 till the plant I wonder did you know him yours sincerely allan morley

    • Bill Torrance says:

      I remember Eric. I worked on the hot banks a couple of summers during uni holidays. It was the time when they were changing from feet and inches to metres and a group of us were employed as checkers. It was a little amusing that these great guys could measure a very hot beam to a very fine accuracy in feet and inches but it all went out the window with metrication

  8. allanmorley says:

    and my papa morley also worked in the shire his name was bill morley he drve a motorbike and sidecar

  9. turder says:

    Hi there, I live in a 100+yr old building in Vancouver BC, Canada (that’s old for here!) and I was just up in the artic and noted that the steel roof structure is all Lanarkshire Steel – it’s sturdy stuff.

    Great pics, thanks for sharing.

  10. Warren says:

    Hi there, thanks for sharing these great pics. Our building in vancouver, Canada is 100+yrs old and the roof is all from Lanarkshire steelworks (I was just in the attic today poking around):

    Solid stuff!



  11. Nas says:

    At the University of Melbourne, Old Engineering building studying for exams, just had a look at the roof and there are some damn solid looking Lankashire Steel Coy Ltd Scotland 14 x 5.5 Beams holding this roof up. Still going strong!

  12. Bill Torrance says:

    Hammy we never met(I think!) but I worked a couple of summers in the Lanarkshire and heard your name regularly via my uncle John Love. Great to see this treasure trove of memories of a great place and great people

  13. Amy says:

    Just wondering if anyone there has any employee records from the 1920’s. I am researching my family in Scotland and my Great Grandfather is listed as a steelworker on a son’s death record in 1929 not sure when he would have started or if there was any other Steel production around he lived in Wishaw and this seems only company I can come up with. His name was Robert Brownlie. Thank you for any help!

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