McAnally’s Farewell c.1976

Seated at table, left to right:

Douglas Hill, Jim Whyte, Dennis Mcguire, Bob McAnally, Bob Wark and Bob Mann (Melter).

Standing behind, left to right:

John Love, Alec Gold, John Keachie, —-? (engineer?), Jimmy Craig, Jimmy Armstrong (later Provost of Motherwell & Wishaw), Frank Walsh (played for Celtic), Willie Pearson, Ian Veitch, Charlie Suttie.

Back row, left to right:

Bobby Watson (played for Motherwell and Rangers), Andrew Howie, Bill Jardine, Hammy Jardine, Billy Samuels, George Brown, Bobby Kerr. Peter Duncan, John Bell ? (timekeeper), Colin Donald, Jimmy Sharp.

If you can identify anyone, please let me know, either by email or by posting a comment.

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3 Responses to McAnally’s Farewell c.1976

  1. fohn mccormick says:

    wee wully mccormick front row( the bull)

  2. Robert Mann says:

    Seated at the table far right is my Father, Bob Mann.

  3. Lesley says:

    That’s my dad!! Bob Mann sitting next to Bob Wark. Thank you for posting this picture. My brother, another Bob Mann, has shared it with us all on Facebook. What a lovely memory! Thanks again Lesley Watt (nee Mann)

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