Cheerio Harry!

Lanarkshire Works loading bank foreman Harry Martin has retired after 46 years’ service.

Harry began his career at the works in 1927 at the big straightening machine. He progressed through being a slinger and stocktaker to becoming foreman in 1934.

Thirty colleagues attended a function at the Golden Lounge, Wishaw, where loading banks manager Hamilton Jardine presented Harry with a gift of money on behalf of his many friends at the works.

Our picture shows Harry receiving his farewell gift from Mr Jardine. (Left to right): [assistant loading banks manager] John Bambrick, [foreman] Davie Graham, [foreman] Harry Martin, [foreman] Frank Murphy, loading banks manager Hamilton Jardine, [foreman] Davie Lindsay, assistant loading bank manager Guy Nichols.

Article from Steel News, c.1973.

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2 Responses to Cheerio Harry!

  1. Jim lafferty says:

    Used to be a stock taker in the shire. Remember all these guys. Most of them were ok! Jim (jet)lafferty

  2. john douglas says:

    Does anyone remember Robert ( rab) Douglas he was a smelter . Worked from approx 1933 till his death in 1958 ‘ I don’t think he ever missed a shift in 25 years. Also its said he only ever took a cheese piece to work lol

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