The Last Bloom

The last steel bloom rolled at the Lanarkshire works.

From left to right    1. Danny Archibald   (Roll Changer)  2. Frank Sandford  (Steel Dresser)  3. Dennis McGuire  (Heater)  4. Peter Duncan (Industrial Relations Officer)   5. Willie McCormick (Mill Operator)   6. Gibby Jenkens  (Roll Changer)  7. Jim Stevens  (Mill Supervisor)   8. Hammy Jardine  (Works Production Manager)  9. J.A.K. Stewart (Scottish Director, based at Ravenscraig.)   10.  Bobby Chalmers.  (Shift Electrician)  11. Jim Whyte  (Electrician)   12.  George Watson. (Electrician)  13. Bob Strefford (Manager Ravenscraig Strip Mill).

The reason the bloom was heavy with scale, rather than a bright orange red, was because it was held back on the official closure party coming from Ravenscraig.


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3 Responses to The Last Bloom

  1. Danny Archibald (good looking one) says:

    Danny Archibald is my uncle, nice to see he was young once!

  2. Kenneth McCready Roll Turner says:

    Where are The Roll Turners Served my Appreticeship there 1970 to 1975 Before landing in
    Sweden 1981 via Corby and Scunthorpe ps My Dad worked in The General Store
    and my uncles worked in the Furnace Joe McCready,Sam Bell

  3. Tom easton says:

    Nice to see sum old faces here. I was a electrician here way back ( 1962 to 1969 ) with last being in the UBM mill being my responsiblity. Well remember Charlie Suttie and Sam McCull. My dad was Bill Easton, for many years was engineering supervisor in the engineering dept. Happy days.

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